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About Us

Pauline Alwes is a Naturopathic Doctor, licensed and Board Certified in nutritional disorders and integrative medicine. She also holds board certifications in Bio-Energetic Assessment (More commonly referred to as Electro-Dermal Screening), Electro Magnetic Acupuncture (referred to as needleless acupuncture) physical fitness, auricular therapy, and myopathy. She has practiced in the Las Vegas area since 1989.

Prior to coming to Las Vegas, Dr. Alwes worked in the King Clinic of Nutritional Healing and Physical Fitness in Houston, Texas, where she worked as a clinical consultant. While in Houston Dr. Alwes did extensive nutritional and physical therapy research for HIV-AIDS patients. With the assistance of Dr. Rex King, MD, NMD, they developed a very successful natural protocol for controlling and slowing the devastating effects of HIV-AIDS.

HIV is something very close to Dr. Alwes' heart. Her own son contracted the disease after receiving a blood transfusion following a car accident. At the time HIV-AIDS was not a recognized disease and was treated symptomatically with the single goal of easing suffering. Relying on naturopathic treatments from his mother, he beat the odds for 28 years after contracting this dreaded disease. Her son lived a healthy, prosperous, and energetic life as a real life cowboy. Sadly he died in a horseback riding accident but still lives on through Dr. Alwes, as a testament of her natural treatment methods.

Her practice, located in Park 2000 on Sunset Road, incorporates bio-energetics with state of the art equipment recently approved by the FDA, office consultations, nutritional consultations and life style changes. She uses tissue mineral analysis in developing protocols for her patients who need high energy levels for busy professional lives, sports activities and for general healing. Her practice also includes programs for weight loss, skin care, hormone replacement therapy, and PSA screening for prostate cancer. Dr. Alwes works extensively with children afflicted with ADD-ADHD and has an office policy that no child patient in her office is charged for services if their parents are current patients.

Name Change: Please don't be confused. Dr. Alwes will be practicing under the name of Keenan and for a short time, BOTH names (Alwes and Keenan) will be listed in the phone directory and on her office signs.

Her office location will be changing in June 2009. Watch for the new address & phone number.